"Mrs. Rehmane's home-school is magic.  Our daughter Lola was Mrs. Rehmane's student at a previous Montessori pre-school with 29 other children.  Lola enjoyed that environment.  But there is no comparison to this environment.  With only a small number of students, Mrs. Rehmane is now able to give direct attention to each child.  The results are exactly what we would expect of tutorial versus group.  Our 4 year old daughter now reads and writes, after just a few month's in this tutorial environment.  And she loves going to school each day.  Those are the two best markers of a school's quality that we know of.  We are confident that our daughter is now on an excellent trajectory through life.  And for that, we are grateful each day for Mrs. Rehmane and her home-school."

~ Tatiana & Matt, 4.5 year old daughter at FSM

"They say teachers that love to teach create kids who love to learn. This perfectly describes our experience with Amna Rehmane at FSM Montessori. We feel so blessed that our daughter has had the gift of such a caring and talented teacher so early in her life. Amna has the unique talent of intuitively fine-tuning a child's innate emerging qualities and using these to awaken a child's desire to learn. Our child is more self-reliant, independent, and has reached academic milestones in reading and math she would never have been even exposed to much less accomplished in a 'mainstream' school. The more Amna teaches science, geography, history the more kids seem to want to learn and talk about at home. When a child says to you they want to stay with their teacher 'forever' and that they 'love' her -- there is no greater endorsement!"

~ The Roche Family, 4.5 year old daughter at FSM

"Mrs. Rehmane was my son’s teacher for two years. She’s one of the most passionate educators I’ve met. Not only is she knowledgeable and loving, she genuinely cares for a child’s development, both academically and emotionally. I appreciate how observant she is with children and how she spends the time to connect with them to support their growth. I’d recommend families looking for quality education to consider Mrs. Rehmane."

~ Carmen Cheng

"Mrs. Rehmane is a wonderful person/teacher who taught our daughter when she was 2 1/2 - 4 years old.  We greatly value her as a person and teaching professional.  In our experience with her and in observing the classroom, she has long term goals as an educator to help each child to learn effectively using different materials/tools and media, in addition to exercising a personalized approach for each child to grow socially and emotionally.  She understood everyone is unique and develops at their own unique rates in the different developmental areas.  Her language with the kids is also effective and direct and she imparts the values of respect for one another, caring for each other, and a progression towards independence (doing things on your own).  I believe good teachers care for kids and teach kids which I think is a minimum requirement, but great teachers understand the additional dimension of individual development and development with their peers and how to teach them proper emotional regulation.  Mrs. Rehmane is a great/amazing teacher.  We were always impressed with her patience and calm energy after a full day, and very much appreciated her willingness to spend the time with us to discuss our daughter's learning and adjustments within the classroom.  She will make a positive mark in any child's life."

~ Caroline & Arthur

"There are daycares in which your child will happily pass the time but not learn much, and then there are education centers which form the foundation for a child’s excitement to learn. Mrs. Rehmane’s school is the latter. She is an incredibly gifted and experienced teacher, and our son has thrived in her care. When I’ve picked him up from school, I’m always amazed as I see the children focused on their work, truly absorbed. This is the magic of Montessori, but also Mrs. Rehmane! She is able to classroom manage many boisterous 3 - 6 year olds in a calm assured way, such that the children naturally follow her lead. At the same time, she knows each child’s needs and personality , and she creates an individualized lesson plan for him/her. My four year old son is high energy and loves to crack jokes. She doesn’t try to quash his excitement. Instead, she knows how to guide him so that he is excited about what she has to teach him. I think she’s able to do this, not only because of her experience, but because she truly loves children and empathizes with their ever changing needs."

~ G.R., San Mateo mom of two

"Mrs. Rehmane is an amazing teacher with wealth of Montessori experience and a great communicator. My son joined her class for more than a year shortly before he turned 4. Mrs. Rehmane quickly developed rapport with her keen observation and loving spirit. Her communication skills and sense of collaboration with parents is a tremendous asset. She is very warm-hearted and genuinely focuses on the outcome for the child. I strongly recommend her."

~ M.Y.

“Mrs. Rehmane is a very special teacher indeed. 2 of our daughters were very lucky to have had her for 2 years in a previous Montessori School, and we came to know her quite well. Mrs. Rehmane had good and thoughtful insights that helped our children through some behavioral issues. We will always remember and value Mrs. Rehmane’s staunch assurances and support throughout the process of helping our daughter. Children love, adore and gravitate towards Mrs. Rehmane like bees towards flowers. At the same time, she is able to get children to behave appropriately with her gentle yet firm manner. Her 25 years of experience as a Montessori teacher, along with her years of experience training other Montessori teachers all over the world make her qualifications much stronger than her peers. Not only do we respect her for being an excellent and competent Montessori guide, but we also love Mrs. Rehmane for her warmth, her integrity, and her resourcefulness. If you are considering her school for your child we know you will be very happy here.”

~ Adriana & Swee Teh