Frequently Asked Questions

Given that children bring their own snack/lunch, do the children prepare their own table and settings (wiping, napkins, pour water in glasses, etc.) and clean up after themselves? What is the snacks/lunch routine like?

Yes they do. We have a table mat for each child and two sets of plates: one for snack and one for lunch. Children bring their own utensils. We provide paper napkins, paper cups, and spring water in a pitcher for pouring. Each child is responsible for setting up their own table setting and cleaning up after themselves by wiping their plate and mat. Some children bring water in a bottle or a juice box. Children are also responsible for cleaning their table space with a crumbing brush and their floor space with a floor brush and dust pan. Even though children bring their own snacks the school always keeps organic fruits/veggies in school in case the children need extra snacks.

Outdoor time: is it directed at times or all free-play? My child enjoys both but he/she has a lot of energy at times and loves to run/jump/dance/etc.

Free play is the corner stone for developing and practicing social skills in young children. However, with close supervision. This is very important at this age as all children need gentle guidance or limit setting depending on each individual child. It is equally important to safeguard the rights of each child.

My child is newly potty-trained. How will the school support her/him?

In our experience boys typically take a little longer to get toilet trained than girls. For a 3-year-old child, 80% of toilet training is done once they feel the urge to go to the bathroom and are able to communicate it. The 20% consists of confidence building and their comfort level going to the toilet by themselves. In the past, when working with newly potty-trained children, we have done the following: build a loving relationship so they trust the teacher and are comfortable with her, and pre-empt any accidents by reminding them or taking them to use the toilet periodically throughout the day, especially before every transition. Success is the key to building confidence.